Other Good Things

When comparing carbon offset schemes, it’s great if at the same time you can support other social and environmental benefits.

By purchasing your carbon offsets through Ashadesh, not only is your own environmental impact reduced, you will also help to support:



  • Reduced disease and premature death.

Traditional biomass and coal stoves results in the premature death of 3.5 million people annually, including almost a million deaths in children under 5. They causes chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, pneumonia, heart disease, stroke, cataract and various cancers. Enabling families to access healthy cooking solutions therefore has very positive health outcomes, particularly for the women and children who are most exposed to indoor air pollution.


  • Long term economic up-lift for families.

Economic uplift


Families living in the slums are generally under a lot of financial pressure to provide for their basic necessities, and cooking fuel is one of the most significant day to day costs. The clean burning stoves being introduced cost less to run than traditional ones. So when a family uses one of these stoves they can save money to put towards whatever it is that they need, be it more nutritious food, rent, house building or repairs, medicines, schooling etc.


  • Local employment at fair wages in the implementation of the project.


  • fireReduced fire risk.

It is not uncommon for fires to be started by simple wood, charcoal or kerosene stoves, which can sometimes sweep through entire communities of bamboo thatch houses. (We know of cases in which such a fire has destroyed 100 and 300 homes). The improved stoves are far safer, thereby reducing fire risk..