Q & A

These are some questions we are sometimes asked. But if you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.


Carbon offsetsWhat exactly are carbon offsets anyway?

Carbon offsets reduce carbon emissions from one source (in our case by replacing traditional high polluting stoves with clean burning ones), in order to compensate for carbon emissions elsewhere (e.g. when you fly or drive your car). So when you buy carbon offsets from us those funds enable us to supply clean burning stoves in the slums, which in turn bring a reduction in carbon emissions by the number of tons that you buy.

Read more about how Ashadesh offset carbon here.


Is Ashadesh a non-profit and tax deductible?

We are structured as a not for profit social business rather than an NGO or charity, so purchases are not tax deductible. The business does not exist for us to make a profit from it, but to support social benefits in the slums. However it has the structure of a business nonetheless, since we provide a non-tangible product in carbon offsets..