footprintYour Carbon Footprint

Climate change causing CO2 emissions are a result of many of the things we do each day, such as through transport, using electricity, and purchasing consumer products.

There are ways for all of us to take responsibility for our personal carbon footprints. We suggest a few actions:


1. Get to know your impact on the climate

You can work out your total annual carbon footprint, or just some of the key emissions from your car, house or a flight at the following website.

Carbon Footprint Calculator

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2. Set some targets and take action

Set some targets and take action to reduce your carbon footprint as much as possible, such as through reducing consumption, energy efficiency, buying renewable power, reduced travel and generally living more simply and locally.

See lots of specific ways to reduce your carbon footprint here.


3. Buy carbon offsets

Buying carbon offsets is a way to offset your carbon footprint down to a sustainable level.

Note: The worldwide CO2 emissions target to combat climate change is about 2 tons per person per annum. One approach you might like to consider is to calculate your total annual carbon footprint and then offset it down to 2 tons.

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4. Share your actions and get involved

Share your actions with your friends and family to inspire them to act too. Also get involved in advocating for a clean energy future!