Organisation Services

Whether you’re a company, small business or community organisation we can help you develop your climate strategy.

Ashadesh offer a FREE carbon auditing and verification service for organisations wishing to manage their carbon emissions. Following the completion of your carbon audit you may elect to offset your emissions and become carbon neutral. (This is not however a condition of having an audit undertaken).

If you’re in the retail business and would like to be able to sell your products as certified carbon neutral, see our product carbon neutral services.

Read more about why going carbon neutral would be a great decision for your organisation.


Steps to become a carbon neutral organisation


Step 1: Fill out and return our carbon audit questionnaire

Download our carbon audit questionnaire here. (Let us know if you have any questions as you fill it out).

Then contact us to return it.


Carbon footprint breakdownStep 2: Ashadesh will send you a carbon audit report

We will calculate your carbon footprint and send you a report that includes:

  • Carbon emissions figures broken down into categories of electricity, building fuel (e.g. gas), flights, vehicles, public transport, office and freight.
  • Carbon offset information to become carbon neutral.
  • Suggestions for reducing your carbon footprint and developing your climate strategy.


Step 3: Purchase carbon offsets to become carbon neutral (optional)

Should you wish to become carbon neutral you can purchase the required number of carbon offsets as identified through your carbon audit.


Step 4: We’ll send you a revised report and you can claim carbon neutrality

After you purchase your carbon offsets we will send you a revised version of your carbon audit report confirming your status as carbon neutral for the next year. You will then be able to use our ‘Carbon Neutral’ logo on your website / promotional material.

* The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) states that claims of being ‘carbon neutral’ need to be backed up and explained and not mislead consumers. Through this process Ashadesh can assist you to do just that.