Why go carbon neutral?

CO2There are lots of good reasons.

Many businesses, community groups and individuals are deeply concerned about climate change and want to make their own contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Measuring your organisation’s carbon footprint or that of the products you sell, and going carbon neutral is one way to contribute.

To learn more about how you can take responsibility for your carbon footprint as an individual, take a look here.

For businesses, going carbon neutral can also have additional benefits such as saving money through reducing resource use and differentiating your organisation from others in the market.

So by going carbon neutral you can:

  • reduce your business’s greenhouse gas emissions
  • reduce the resources used and potentially save money
  • reduce your business’s impact on climate change
  • strengthen your reputation within the market place
  • have a third party recognise the climate change and carbon management your business has undergone


Why go carbon neutral through Ashadesh?

One reason is that Ashadesh offer a FREE carbon auditing and reporting service for organisations. You can have your carbon footprint audited and receive a report recommending how you can develop your climate strategy all free of charge.

Or for retail businesses, we offer a FREE product carbon neutral service.

But the best reason to go carbon neutral through Ashadesh is that if you purchase your carbon offsets from us you will be enabling families living in the slums of Kolkata, India who cook with smoky stoves that deal disease and death to switch to clean burning alternatives. This results in a whole range of health, safety and economic benefits for poor families in Kolkata.

We think this makes your carbon offset purchase a very worthwhile investment!.