Product carbon neutral services

Carbon neutral productWould you like to eliminate the impact your products have on climate change and be able to market and sell your products as carbon neutral?

Well Ashadesh can work with you to establish the lifecycle carbon footprint of the products you sell and achieve just that.

When you know the carbon footprint of your products and buy carbon offsets to cover that footprint, you can market them as carbon neutral. As well as simply being a good thing to do, this would also enable you to differentiate your products in the market and provide consumers wishing to tread lightly on the earth a carbon neutral option.

Note: We offer our services free of charge to work with you to calculate the carbon footprint of your products and supply you with a report. You need only pay for the carbon offsets should you wish to go on and claim carbon neutrality.

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Step 1: Contact us

Contact us to discuss your product carbon neutral needs.


Step 2: Gather some information

We’ll ask you some questions about the materials used, production processes, transport etc. of your products to be able to calculate their lifecycle carbon footprints.


Product LCA emissions graphStep 3: You will receive a lifecycle carbon footprint report for your products

Your product carbon footprint report will include a breakdown into all relevant categories, such as raw materials, production, transport, storage, usage and final disposal.



Step 4: Purchase carbon offsets to claim carbon neutrality

As you purchase carbon offsets for the lifecycle emissions of your products you can claim carbon neutrality for them, and use our product carbon neutral logo on your website / promotional material. You can also highlight the fact that your carbon offsets (purchased through Ashadesh) are contributing to great health, economic and other good outcomes for families in the slums of Kolkata.

* The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) states that claims of being ‘carbon neutral’ need to be backed up and explained and not mislead consumers. Through this process Ashadesh can assist you to do just that..